Rapidia Metal 3D printer overview

The Rapidia Metal 3D printer is an industrial metal 3D printer produced by Rapidia, a 3D printer manufacturer based in Canada.

This metal 3D printer was released in 2019 and deposits water-based, paste-type material to create objects. Many materials are compatible, including metals and ceramics. This industrial 3D printer offers a build volume of 200 x 280 x 200 mm.

As Rapidia’s pastes are water-based, the 3D printed objects don’t require any debinding. According to Rapidia, this ceramic and metal 3D printer is office-friendly.

Rapid cooling furnace

At formnext 2020, Rapidia launched their new rapid cooling furnace. This new furnace is able to complete a whole sintering cycle in about 20 hours and doesn’t require any vent installation. In terms of size, it can fit through any standard doorway and takes up little space.

Rapidia Metal 3D printer price

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