Roboze One overview

The Roboze One is a professional desktop 3D printer made by Roboze, a manufacturer based in Italy.

Destined for professional and educational users, the Roboze One is positioned in the middle between the common desktop 3D printers and professional 3D printers. The Roboze One uses a patented mechatronic movement system of X and Y axis entrusted to a pair of racks with pinion in direct contact, allowing positioning accuracy over 25 microns. The supports made of aluminum by CNC machining precision, combined with ball sleeves and stainless steel guides for linear motion, ensure fluidity in sliding at high speed with a low friction coefficient.

Roboze One features

  • Quality parts: The choice of the components and its design make the Roboze One a stable and easy to maintain 3D printer.
  • Touch-screen 3,5 inch: The touch screen color display 3,5 inch offers better management and usability of the machine controls. Intuitive and appealing, in the new graphic interface the interaction between user and machine becomes user-friendly with an aesthetic touch Roboze branded.
  • Closed frame: The Roboze One offers a closed frame, and a pull-up heated print bed with a build volume of 280 x 220 x 200 mm.

Roboze One compatible 3D printing materials

  • CARBON PA, engineered polymer for Roboze customers with polyamide base, 20% reinforced with carbon fiber.
  • Nylon 6, polyamide with high mechanical resistance, used to print components in the field of metalworking.
  • ASA, techno-polymer with high weather, UV rays, yellowing and aging resistance, which makes it perfect for automotive components and outdoor applications.
  • PC-ABS mixes PC mechanical properties and ABS high workability, making the printed parts not only perfectly defined but also with a great surface finishing.
  • ABS-HD, combining ABS mechanical properties with a strong level of superficiality, is used for post production operations.
  • ABS-ESD, which is an advanced polymer with ABS base modified according to a proprietary formulation with carbon nanotubes and process/ loss modifiers, perfect for measurement and survey applications, HDD components, envelops and connectors.

A more recent version of this 3D printer exists, the Roboze One Xtreme.