Sharebot SnowWhite overview

The Sharebot SnowWhite is a professional desktop SLS 3D printer made by Sharebot, a manufacturer based in Italy.

Sharebot now manufactures the SnowWhite 2.

The SnowWhite uses the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printing technology. This laser sintering 3D printing technique uses a laser to sinter powder.

SnowWhite desktop SLS 3D printer main features

  • No supports: thanks to SLS technology, users can 3D print any shape without the need for supports. This means that it’s possible to 3D print functional, moving parts.
  • Touchscreen: for an easier user experience.
  • Speed: the SnowWhite can 3D print up to 25 mm/hour.

Sharebot SnowWhite material compatibility

  • PA 11 and PA 12 (nylon)
  • TPU (thermoplastics)
  • Charged powders (powders that may contain glass, carbon, or aluminum like Alumide)

Sharebot SnowWhite price

The manufacturer price of the SnowWhite is about €35,000.