SKY-TECH H300 overview

The SKY-TECH H300 is a professional delta 3D printer made by SKY-TECH, a manufacturer based in Taiwan. The H300 is the cheaper and smaller version of the high end SKY-TECH H600 that offers in addition a closed frame.

As a delta 3D printer the SKY-TECH H300 offers a simple and efficient architecture, with similar components for all 3 axis. It makes the SKY-TECH H300 easy to maintain and efficient to operate.

The standard software for this 3D printer is open source combination of Cura and Repetier Host.

The 3D printer is equipped with a 0.4 mm nozzle (0.2 mm available in option) capable of reaching temperatures up to 260 °C. The 3D print bed is heated and can operate in the 0-100 °C temperature range. Compatible 3D materials include ABS, PLA, Flexible and PVA (Water-soluble) 3D filaments.