The VSHAPER 5AX is a 5-Axis 3D printer made by VSHAPER, a manufacturer from Poland previously known as VeraShape. This 3D printer’s build space is in the shape of a cylinder, with a diameter and height of 300mm each.

VSHAPER 5AX main features

5-axis kinematics

This professional 3D printer uses 5-axis kinematics and its tilting, rotating build platform to complete the 3D printing process. By using this technique, the traditional layer-upon-layer 3D printing pre-requisite is no longer mandatory.

Tool bank

A tool bank enables the 3D printer to create objects using several different tools in a single prodution process:

  • milling, drilling, burnishing
  • probing toolhead for quality control and measurement


Heated print bed and build area

The build plate and build envelope can heat up to (and maintain) certain temperatures. Therefore, the VSHAPER 5 axis 3D printer provides an optimal environment for the toughest thermoplastics.

Plus, users can independently control the 18 different heat sections of the print bed.


The 5AX is priced at over $300,000.

Other products by VSHAPER include the VSHAPER PRO and the VSHAPER MED, a PEEK 3D printer.