The INTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO 410 is a professional PEEK 3D printer made by INTAMSYS, a Chinese manufacturer.

INTAMSYS specializes in high-temperature 3D printers for high-performance materials. These engineering materials include PEEK, PEKK, PC, and PEI (among others). INTAMSYS 3D printers are all open material systems either welcoming INTAM™ filaments (which come with ready-to-print settings) or filaments from third-party manufacturers.

FUNMAT PRO 410 main features

  • Large build volume: the FUNMAT PRO 410 boasts a large build volume, especially for a PEEK 3D printer.
  • Heated chamber and filament compartment: the build area heats up to 90°C. The filament “dry box” also features a heating module.
  • High-temperature dual extruder (500°C) with automatic cleaning: dual extrusion enables users to 3D print with two materials at a time. An auto-cleaning station ensures the nozzles are free from residue before starting to 3D print. The nozzles also benefit from a liquid cooling system.
  • Smart monitor and control: the 3D printer warns users when there is a filament jam and/or lack of material.
  • High-precision auto-leveling: the glass-ceramics print bed features automatic leveling and is able to heat up to 160°C.
  • Remote printing via INTAMSUITE (software) and INTAMTOUCH (UI)

Other interesting features on this high-temperature 3D printer include an onboard camera, Wi-Fi connectivity, a 7-inch touchscreen, and different nozzle diameters (0.25 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.6mm).

Software-wise, the FUNMAT PRO 410 comes with INTAMSUITE (INTAMSYS proprietary software for Windows), featuring present print parameters for INTAM™ materials.


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