WASP BigDeltaWASP 12m overview

The BigDeltaWASP 12m is a house 3D printer made by WASP, a manufacturer based in Italy. The WASP BigDeltaWASP 12m uses raw, organic materials such as mud to 3D print houses of almost 12 meters high.

This 3D printer is powered by solar panels, useful for 3D printing houses in rural areas.

Although this house 3D printer is designed to use natural materials, it is also able to 3D print with other materials such as cement.

WASP BigDeltaWASP 12m main features

  • Durable silo extruder: the BigDeltaWASP 12m’s extruder can carry up to 200 kg of material.
  • Cement printing capabilities: this house 3D printer is designed to also be able to handle mixtures that contain cement for better structure solidification.
  • Use of geopolymers: that can reduce the environmental impact up to 80%.
  • Speed: the BigDeltaWASP 12m can 3D print 400 mm/s, a decent 3D printing speed for a house 3D printer.

WASP BigDeltaWASP 12m 3D printing prices

A 2.7 by 5 meter wall with 40 tonnes of material cost €48 to 3D print, including energy consumption