Winbo Dragon(L)4 overview

The Winbo Dragon(L)4 (or Dragon L4) is a large volume all-in-one 3D printer made by Winbo, a manufacturer based in China. In addition to 3D printing, the Dragon L4 offers laser engraving and laser cutting functionalities.

In spite of this 3D printer’s large size, it is easily movable thanks to its wheels. The Winbo Dragon L4 features a rechargeable battery to avoid stopping 3D prints abruptly in case of power failures.

According to Winbo, this 3D printer can 3D print during 30 days non-stop. Compatible materials include PLA, ABS, PETG, TPE and TPU.

Dragon L4 3D printer main features

  • 7-inch touchscreen: for easier control over the 3D printing process. Also, users can browse for models online from the large touchscreen.
  • Electromagnetic suction glass: “absorbs” large 3D prints and enables easy removal.
  • Integrated speakers: users can listen to tutorials or music directly from the 3D printer.
  • Wi-Fi and USB connectivity: enables standalone 3D printing. The Dragon(L)4 downloads the models to allow users to remove their USB stick.
  • Automatic shutdown: the Dragon(L)4 automatically turns itself off to save energy after completing a 3D print. There is also a stop button and a fail-safe emergency switch.
  • Air filtration and fully enclosed frame: to reduce odors and micro-particle emissions.
  • Winware: Winbo’s proprietary software is user-friendly.

Winbo Dragon(L)4 price

The Winbo Dragon(L)4 is available at the manufacturer price of $7,999.

Winbo also manufactures the Super Helper SH155L.