XYZprinting Da Vinci Super overview

The Da Vinci Super is a large volume desktop 3D printer manufactured by XYZPrinting, a manufacturer based in Taiwan. With the XYZPrinting Da Vinci Super, the manufacturer is targeting professional makers.

The Da Vinci Super can 3D print with a wide range of materials, thanks to its hot extruder (300°C) and heated print bed. For Q1 2018, the manufacturer is introducing Nylon, Metal and Carbon filaments compatible with the Da Vinci Super.

The Da Vinci Super comes with XYZware Pro proprietary software.

Da Vinci Super main features

  • Large build volume: 300 x 300 x 300 mm.
  • Heated glass print bed: to 3D print with ABS and other thermoplastics.
  • Power Failure Recovery: the Super saves 3D printing data as it prints. This way it can take back where it left off. This feature also enables users to pause their 3D prints.
  • Safety sensors: if the 3D printer’s door or top cap are open, it will stop 3D printing.
  • Automatic bed leveling: the glass print bed doesn’t require manual leveling.
  • 5-inch LCD screen: offers an intuitive user experience.
  • Laser engraver (optional): users can equip this 3D printer with an optional laser engraver module.

XYZPrinting Da Vinci Super price

The manufacturer price for this desktop 3D printer is $1,999 (see on Amazon).

XYZPrinting manufactures a wide range of 3D printers.