The Scantech Prince 775 is a portable, handheld 3D scanner by Scantech (Hangzhou Scantech Co.), a manufacturer from China. The Prince 335 is suitable for professional and industrial use.

Users have the possibility to calibrate this 3D scanner in under 30 seconds thanks to ScanViewer software. Furthermore, the software automatically generates solid 3D models in real-time.

Scantech’s Prince 775 is capable of 3D scanning objects of all sizes, from coins to airplanes.

Scantech Prince 775 3D scanning modes

This portable 3D scanner features different 3D scanning modes to adapt to different objects:

  • Standard mode R: uses 7 red laser crosses for high adaptability
  • Hyperfine mode B: uses 5 blue parallel lines, for high levels of detail

Also, both work modes can integrate their 3D scanning data of the same object into one file.

Scantech Prince 775 price

The Scantech Prince 775 comes with a waterproof case and Scan Viewer software, as well as 5,000 reflective markers. Please contact us to obtain a quote for this professional 3D scanner.

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