The EinScan H2 is an advanced handheld color 3D scanner for artists, medical physicians, designers, and engineers. It’s the next generation of the popular EinScan H, known for its wide FOV and convenient dual light sources.

It’s optimal for:

  • Capturing feature-rich, colored objects without markers
  • Effortless 3D body scanning
  • 3D scanning large objects thanks to its wide FOV and high accuracy

EinScan H vs EinScan H2

Compared to the EinScan H, the EinScan H2 offers:

  • Better, brighter colors with its new and improved 5MP camera
  • Increased accuracy in infrared mode thanks to 3 VCSEL projectors instead of 1
  • Adjustable working distance in both white light and infrared modes
  • A new hair capture algorithm in addition to its automatic movement compensation feature

Shining 3D EinScan H2 price

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