The THOR3D Drake is a portable 3D scanner made by THOR3D, a manufacturer based in Russia. THOR3D's Drake uses the white structured light technology (LED) to 3D scan a wide variety of subjects (from jewelry to oil pipes) and their textures (colors). The THOR3D Drake is entirely wireless, autonomous and simple to use with its large touch screen and onboard computer. Data can be transferred to another computer through Wi-Fi or via the included USB key.

THOR3D Drake 3-in-1 3D scanner

The Drake finds one of its main competitive advantages in its three interchangeable sets of lenses. Each one features a different Field of View (FoV), enabling users to 3D scan objects of different sizes:
  • Mini: for small objects like coins
  • Midi: suitable for body scanning or medium objects
  • Maxi: to 3D scan bigger objects such as cars or even yachts

THOR3D Drake price

The Drake 3D scanner manufacturer price varies according to the number of heads:
  • 1 head: $16,800
  • 2 heads: $22,800
  • 3 heads: $28,800
It is also possible to buy heads separately, at the price of $8,400 per head. THOR3D also manufactures the Thor.