CreatBot’s latest printer offers 1m2 of build area for $29K

Large scale 3D printers tend to be expensive and without necessarily offering many extra features. The CreatBot F1000, however, combines large volume and affordability along with an array of professional features.

CreatBot D600

For the price of $29,900, the F1000 includes a massive, one-cubic-meter build area equipped with:

  • Fully-enclosed heated chamber
  • Heated filament compartment
  • Onboard camera for remote monitoring
  • 420°C dual extruders

Its accuracy and reliability make the CreatBot F1000 a great option for both industrial and professional users that need to print large prototypes (or end-use parts!) in one go.

What does one cubic meter look like?

One cubic meter of build volume in 3D printing is quite big. That kind of space can let you 3D print small production series or huge prototypes.

The CreatBot video above shows the F1000 producing a large snake head for a theme park. The result is a high-quality, one-meter-tall piece that weighs 35kg.

CreatBot F1000 snake head 1 meter tall print
This snake head took around 250 hours of printing.

What are the F1000’s main features?

Fully closed chamber

The build area can heat up to 60°C in order to avoid warping on large prints. A separate chamber is available as well to keep filaments dry (45°C or 65°C).

Stability and durability

Like the rest of CreatBot’s printers, the F1000 is entirely made of metal, making it a reliable workhorse that can work day after day.

CreatBot life-size print
Another huge print from the F1000.

The printer constantly saves its progress to be able to pick up where it left off in case of a power failure. It’s also equipped with a filament sensor to warn users when it runs out of filament.

Dual extrusion

Both nozzles are able to heat up to 420°C and simultaneously print two different materials. Compatible materials include ABS, PC, Nylon, CF-filled, and more.

Onboard camera

The F1000 boasts an integrated webcam which can be accessed via CreatBot’s smartphone app to check in on prints and see their progress.

Remote print monitoring CreatBot F1000

Auto leveling

The printer’s touch probe makes sure the bed is perfectly leveled before starting any prints. It probes the bed at 25 different points.

CreatBot F1000 specifications

Build volume1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm
Min. layer thickness0.05 mm
Max. printing speed120 mm/s
Max. nozzle temperature420°C
Max. bed temperature100°C
Max. build chamber temperature60°C
Filament storage temperature45°C/65°C
XY positioning precision11 μm
Z positioning precision2.5 μm
Dimensions1740 x 1300 x 1920 mm
Weight550 kg