The D600 and D600 PRO, CreatBot’s flagship 3D printer series

On the market since 2016, the CreatBot D600 is one of the brand’s most successful products. This industrial-grade 3D printer was designed to effortlessly 3D print engineering materials, including ABS, PETG, and Carbon-fiber-filled filaments.

The CreatBot team developed a superior version, the D600 Pro, in 2018. It is meant to print more demanding materials such as Nylon or Polycarbonate.

What both versions have in common is their massive 600 x 600 x 600mm build volume– enough to print large prototypes or small production series. They’re also equipped with dual extruders, enabling 3D printing with soluble support material.

CreatBot D600

D600 key features for efficient large scale 3D printing

A 6kg part 3D printed with a CreatBot D600 3D printer.
This part weighs 6kg and was 3D printed on a CreatBot D600.

Closed chamber

The D600 3D printer offers a fully closed chamber to protect prints from room drafts and to reduce noises.

Dual extruder

Dual nozzles make it possible to 3D print with soluble support material, saving time and reducing waste.

Safety functions

Prints are auto-paused if the printer runs out of filament, and progress is constantly saved to resume prints after a power failure.


The printers come factory-leveled and are equipped with accurate linear guide rails for precise prints.

Intuitive interface

The 4.3-inch touchscreen grants access to an easy, intuitive user interface.

Robust build

CreatBot’s D600 series printers feature hefty, all-metal bodies to ensure stability and durability.

Additional features found on the D600 PRO version

Heated chamber

To avoid warping when printing complex materials, the D600 PRO’s chamber heats up to 70°C.

Dry material storage

The PRO version boasts a heated filament compartment for materials with high humidity absorption (e.g. Nylon, PC). It heats up to either 45°C or 65°C.

Auto bed leveling

The printer’s BL-Touch probes the print bed at 25 different areas to ensure a flat surface.

CreatBot D600 series specifications

CreatBot D600
Build volume600 x 600 x 600mm
Min. layer thickness0.05mm
Max. printing speed120mm/s
Max. nozzle temperatureRight: 420°C
Left: 260°C
Max. bed temperature100°C
Max. build chamber temperature70°C (D600 PRO only)
Filament storage temperature45°C/65°C (D600 PRO only)
XY positioning precision5.08μm
Z positioning precision1.25μm
Dimensions915 x 845 x 1085mm
CreatBot D600