The T2000: a large volume with a compact footprint

There are a number of large printers out there, but they don’t always fit in a workspace or office environment, or even through a standard doorway. Tractus3D, a highly experienced manufacturer when it comes to large volumes, is now addressing this issue by adding the brand new T2000 to their product line.

Tractus3D T2000 banner

The T2000 combines both a large volume and a narrow footprint, packing all the volume vertically. It boasts a delta-style architecture, meaning that the build area is cylindrical. As such, the build plate is 680 mm wide in diameter, and prints can be up to an impressive 1,000 mm tall.

Tractus3D T2000

That’s a whole meter that can be used to produce signage, large prototypes, customized statue-like decorations for events, and much more, all while requiring little space.

And if you do have the space, Tractus3D produces some of the world’s largest 3D printers: the T3000 and the T3500.

Speed, precision, and reliability for all engineering materials

The Tractus3D T2000’s delta setup relieves weight off of the printhead as it is fixed to three arms, offering high precision, speed (up to 110 m3/second), and stability in combination with the printer’s robust frame.

This workhorse can print a wide range of materials thanks to its 300°C nozzle and 110°C build plate. The closed chamber ensures that prints are safe and sound from room drafts, and within a warm environment. That’s crucial for printing large parts without encountering problems with warping.

Tractus3D T2000 printhead

Hence, from common PLA and ABS to more complex engineering and composite materials such as Nylon or Polycarbonate, the T2000 is ready to print at the click of a button.

Tractus3D’s Service Level Agreement

The Tractus3D Service Level Agreement (SLA for short) brings added value to each acquisition. It includes free printhead cleaning, discounts on professional-grade filaments, and 50% on all 3D printer upgrades that are released over time.

That way, you can keep your printer up to speed with the latest advances, without having to get a new printer. Of course, Tractus3D support is available to help you along the way and all through your printer’s lifetime.

Tractus3D T2000 technical specifications

Build volume680 ⌀ x 1000 mm
Min. layer thickness0.05 mm
Max. printing speed110 mm3/s
Max. travel speed400 mm/s
Max. nozzle temperature300°C
(Upgrades available)
Max. bed temperature110°C
XY resolution0.02 mm
Dimensions820 x 900 x 2050 mm
Weight90 kg