Meet the CreatBot D600 Pro 2

Watch the D600 Pro 2 in action.

Boasting a generous build volume of 600x600x600 mm, the D600 Pro 2 excels in producing large-scale prototypes and small batches of engineering-grade materials. Designed for heavy-duty use, it supports a wide range of materials including ABS, ABS-CF, PC, Nylon, and PA-CF.

The D600 Pro’s legacy is unmatched, being the professional’s choice for over six years. With more than 3,000 units worldwide, its success is driven by continuous enhancements based on user feedback, resulting in approximately 30 refinements for a more robust and reliable machine.

Its clientele spans diverse industries, including defense (with users like the Australian and Belgian Ministries of National Defense), aerospace (NASA and Boeing), manufacturing (Sulzer and Faurecia), and automotive (Renault and Red Bull Racing), all attesting to its reliability and efficiency.

The D600 Pro 2 merges aesthetic modernity with professional functionality. Its intuitive design and advanced features make it a powerhouse in the field.

Key Innovations

Smart Auto-Rising Dual Extruders: Achieve high temperatures up to 420°C, allowing for the use of advanced materials, coupled with a swift removal of support structures.

Magnetic Suction Platform: A robust platform that resists temperatures beyond 120°C, enabling easy removal of large models, ensuring a smooth and even base.

Steady Hot Chamber: A stable 70°C environment in the chamber prevents material deformation, ensuring flawless long-duration prints.

Powerful Core Processor: Equipped with a robust 32-bit motherboard and a high-speed NPU, the printer responds swiftly to commands, ensuring efficiency.

Z Magic Box Technology: This feature maintains the surface quality of tall prints, ensuring a smooth and consistent finish.

Remote Camera Control: Monitor and adjust printing parameters remotely via an app, optimizing the printing process for quality and speed.

The D600 Pro 2 stands as a benchmark for professional-grade, large-format 3D printers, promising unmatched performance and compatibility. At 15,999 EUR, it is not just a purchase; it’s an investment in unparalleled quality and capability.