Airwolf 3D EVO 22 overview

The Airwolf 3D EVO 22 is a large volume 3D printer made by Airwolf 3D, a manufacturer based in the US. Airwolf 3D also refers to their 3D printers as additive manufacturing centers.

The EVO 22 is a larger alternative to the Airwolf 3D EVO. With this 3D printer, Airwolf 3D targets professionals in aerospace, automotive, medical, and other industries.

EVO 22 main features

  • Tri-Heat Build Environment: the EVO 22’s extruder is able to reach up to 315°C while the heated print bed heats up to 160°C. This 3D printer is also able to heat its enclosed build area in order to 3D print complex materials such as ABS or PC more easily.
  • QuickChange system: this enables users to easily swap extruder heads.
  • HEPA and carbon filtration system: aids in preventing users from breathing potentially harmful particles.

Airwolf 3D EVO 22 price

The manufacturer price for this professional large volume 3D printer is $11,995.

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