Airwolf 3D AXIOMe Direct Drive 3D Printer overview

The Airwolf 3D AXIOMe Direct Drive 3D Printer is a professional desktop 3D printer made by Airwolf 3D, a manufacturer from the United States.

This educational 3D printer suits classrooms, but also professionals in different industries.

In addition, the extruder of this desktop 3D printer can go up to 260°C.

AXIOMe Direct Drive 3D Printer main features

  • Automatic bed leveling: avoids time-consuming calibration.
  • LCD screen: provides an easier user experience.
  • Swappable nozzle (optional): an optional 0.35 mm nozzle is available.

Airwolf 3D AXIOMe Direct Drive 3D Printer price

The manufacturer price for this professional 3D printer is $3,195.

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