bq Witbox overview

The bq Witbox is a 3D printer made by bq, a company well known for its smartphones, e-readers and tablets based in Spain. The bq Witbox new model is called the bq Witbox 2.

The bq Witbox boasts a large 3D print volume for a desktop 3D printer, with a DIN-A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) print area offering up to 20 cm in height. This allows the Witbox to print large-scale objects or multiple parts at the same time. The design of the bq Witbox is not very original but reuses a proven architecture, thus simple and robust. The bq Witbox is made in Spain.

The main features of this desktop 3D printer are:
-Powder-coated steel chassis
-Igus bearings for X,Y and Z
-Igus power screw for the Z axis with flexible motor coupling
-Powder-coated moving parts and supports
-Quick-change printer base system with neodymium magnets
-Toughened chrome bars for carriages X, Y and Z
-Igus cable-chains
-Three-point printer base leveling system with damping
-A4-sized tempered glass

The bq Witbox can only 3D print in PLA (it does not have an heated print bed) and is a bit noisy.

This 3D printer has been selected as one of the best “Enthusiast” option in the 3D Hubs 2015 report.