Sintratec S2 overview

The Sintratec S2 is a professional SLS 3D printer made by Sintratec, a manufacturer from Switzerland. With its modules and automated processes, the S2 is an end-to-end solution.

This professional powder 3D printer is compatible with PA12 and TPE (flexible) materials.

Sintratec all-in-one powder 3D printing system

The S2 is a modular 3D printing system:

  • Material Core Unit
  • Material Handling Station
  • Laser Sintering Station
  • Blasting Station (optional)
  • Vortex Unit (optional)
  • Polishing Station (optional)

S2 main features

  • Onboard camera: the S2’s 4K camera enables users to monitor their 3D prints remotely.
  • Large touchscreen: enables intuitive control over the 3D printing process.

Sintratec S2 price

The S2 is available starting at around $39,999. Please contact the manufacturer for more information.

Sintratec also manufactures the Sintratec Kit and the Sintratec S1, two desktop SLS 3D printers.