Sintratec Sintratec Kit overview

The Sintratec Kit 3D Printer is a desktop SLS 3D printer from Sintratec, a Swiss manufacturer. As its name suggests, this 3D printer is delivered as a kit. Assembly should only take a few minutes though as most of the parts are already assembled.

The Sintratec Kit uses Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology, also known as laser sintering. This 3D printing technique uses a laser to sinter powdered material.

Sintratec also manufactures the Sintratec S1.

Sintratec Kit SLS desktop 3D printer main features

  • Freeform 3D printing: thanks to SLS technology it is possible to 3D print without the need for support structures. This enables users to 3D print complex objects. The Sintratec Kit can also 3D print functional parts.
  • Nylon powder: this desktop SLS 3D printer uses anthracite Nylon (PA12) powder as its 3D printing material.
  • Software: the Kit comes with Sintratec Central software.

Sintratec SLS desktop 3D printer Kit price

Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, Sintratec is able to offer this 3D printer at a relatively low price (for an SLS 3D printer). The Kit is available at the manufacturer price of €4,990.