SLM Solutions SLM 800 overview

The SLM Solutions SLM 800 is a large volume industrial metal 3D printer made by SLM Solutions, a manufacturer based in Germany.

This metal-based additive manufacturing system suits industrial applications, especially for big industries. Indeed, users can 3D print larger metal parts and increase their scalability.

SLM 800 automated production process

SLM Solutions developed this large format 3D printer in order to integrate it into a scalable process.

Indeed, a handling station automates the following processes: unpacking, pre-heating, cooling, powder removal and powder transfer. This avoids time-consuming, manual operations.

SLM 800 main features

  • Filter: the SLM 800 features a permanent filter technology.
  • Laser power monitoring (LPM): thanks to its four 700 W lasers, the SLM 800 allows for multi-laser operations.
  • Melt pool monitoring (MPM): this industrial 3D printer features a melt pool monitoring.
  • Proprietary software: a control software of this large scale 3D printer is available.
  • Powder feeder unit (optional): this optional powder-feeding unit uses vacuum technology.

SLM Solutions SLM 800 price

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