Tumaker Voladora NX overview

The Voladora NX is a desktop professional 3D printer made by Tumaker, a Spanish manufacturer.

The Voladora NX comes with an interchangeable print head, a technology that the company names DART FLUX, meaning that the user can 3D print using different print heads and nozzle diameters. The Voladora NX also features a replaceable heated bed for semi-continuous printing.

Earlier in 2017, Tumaker announced the Voladora NX HD, an upgraded version of the NX, with a nozzle diameter of 0.2 mm.

Voladora NX main features

  • Aluminum and stainless steel frame: provides enhanced durability.
  • Multiple nozzle diameters: three easy-to-use nozzle diameters of 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 mm for varying thicknesses.
  • Silencers: they are installed in the motors and aid in significantly reducing noise.
  • Cloud sync: this desktop 3D printer is capable of syncing files with Dropbox, Drive and other cloud platforms.
  • 5-year component warranty: allegedly the only company worldwide that offers a 5-year limited warranty on its printers’ components.

Voladora NX price

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