The Dot Product DPI-8S SR is a 3D scanner made by Dot Product, a manufacturer based in the USA. The Dot Product DPI-8S SR is the clever combination of an Android tablet and a PrimeSense 3D Sensor. This 3D scanner is autonomous and can be easily handheld, with a total weight of less than a kg. With a limited price and a good overall performance it is a very good choice for onsite capture of medium sized object and work environments. One of the recommended use case is for forensics 3D scans. The Dot Product DPI-8SR has the capacity to acquire textures and export the 3D models in various file formats (or directly on the cloud), which makes it a very good pick for professionals on the move. This portable 3D scanner was designed to 3D scan the objects at a shorter range, hence its name SR (Short Range). The DPI-8S SR is suitable for ranges from 1 to 6 feet.