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Freestyle3D Objects FARO

Freestyle3D Objects FARO - 3D scanners
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Basic specs Price: $ 10,000 - $ 20,000
Model Freestyle3D Objects
Manufacturer FARO (see all products)
Category Handheld
Topic Handheld 3D scanners (see all articles)
Technology Laser triangulation
Output formats XYZ, XYZRGB
Max. resolution
Release date

FARO Freestyle3D Objects review

The FARO Freestyle3D Objects is a professional 3D scanner made by FARO, a manufacturer based in Lake Mary, Florida in the USA.

The FARO Freestyle3D Objects is dedicated to medium volume 3D scanning. It quickly and reliably documents rooms, structures and objects in 3D and creates high-definition point clouds. With great precision it is suitable for all applications in which installations or properties must be quickly measured from various perspectives. Compared to the FARO Freestyle3D, the Freestyle3D Object has a shorter working range and a higher accuracy.

The applications areas of the FARO Freestyle3D Objects are diverse and range from construction to industrial production and forensics. This portable 3D scanner works with FARO SCENE 3D software, a powerful tool to prepare and process 3D meshes.

Thanks to its lightweight carbon fibre body, this handheld 3D scanner weighs less than a kg and is therefore extremely portable and mobile. The tablet PC provides intuitive user guidance, even for inexperienced operators.

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Freestyle3D Objects FARO


Model Freestyle3D Objects
Manufacturer FARO
Price $ 10,000 - $ 20,000
Release date
Status Available
Category Handheld
Technology Laser triangulation
Output formats XYZ, XYZRGB
OS compatibility Microsoft Windows


Max. resolution
Max. accuracy 0.5 mm
Acquisition speed
Camera resolution
Working range 0.3 - 0.8 m
Scanning area (near)
Scanning area (far)


Dimensions 260 × 310 × 105 mm
Weight 0.98 kg
Power input


Texture/Colors Yes
Wireless Yes
Rotating table
Robotic arm
3D printers
Built-in screen


SD card
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