Innovative Automated De-Powdering System: Mars04

The Mars04 represents the forefront of technology in fully automated de-powdering for metal 3D printed parts. This system is engineered to handle the intricate needs of metal 3D printing, offering a blend of advanced features and robust specifications. The Mars04 is tailored to enhance efficiency, safety, and precision in the de-powdering process:

  1. Enhanced Servo-Driven Mechanics for Precision: The system includes a endless 2-axis automated 360° rotation capability and a large Ø 900mm servo-driven rotary table operating at 0-5 RPM. This setup allows for precise and controlled de-powdering of 3D printed parts, accommodating complex geometries with ease.
  2. Advanced Monitoring and Control: Equipped with a 12″ color touch interface, the Mars04 provides an intuitive and user-friendly experience. The enclosed chamber with a large window for process monitoring, combined with LED workspace illumination, ensures that operators can closely observe and manage the de-powdering process.
  3. Safety and Environmental Compliance: Safety is paramount in the Mars04 design, featuring HEPA13 exhaust cartridges and ATEX certification for explosion protection. These elements guarantee that the system operates safely, even in environments with stringent safety regulations.
  4. Top lifting doors for crane loading

With its comprehensive set of features and specifications, the Mars04 is an ideal solution for industries that require precise, efficient, and safe de-powdering of metal 3D printed parts.


  • Inert gas infusion system, that maintain Oxygen level in range 4-2% during operation (Argon or Nitrogen can be used)
  • Advanced de-powdering system with pneumatic knocker, electric vibrator and blow off nozzles on swivel arm
  • Smart measurment analytics with humidity, temperature, frequency measurement, inert gas, compressed air and electric consumption

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