The 3ntr Spectral 30 is a professional PEEK 3D printer made by 3ntr, an Italian manufacturer.

This professional 3D printer boasts high-temperature features (extruders, chamber, and build plate) in order to 3D print high-performance thermoplastics. These materials include PEEK, PEKK, and PEI. The Spectral 30 is also compatible with non-proprietary filaments.

3ntr Spectral 30 main features

  • Four high-temperature extruders: this PEEK 3D printer boasts four extruders for multi-material 3D printing. The extruders are capable of heating up to 500°C.
  • Heated chamber and filament dryers: the build chamber heats up to 250°C, and the filament dryers heats up to 110°C.
  • High-temperature print bed: the build plate reaches up to 300°C.

3ntr Spectral 30 price

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