Apium P220 overview

The Apium P220 is a PEEK-ready industrial 3D printer made by Apium, a manufacturer based in Germany formerly known as Indmatec.

This closed-frame 3D printer enables the 3D printing of high-performance polymers (PEEK, ULTEM). Apium also manufactures its own proprietary filament. Available materials include PEEK, Carbon PEEK (30%), PVDF, POM-C, PP, and metals (316L, 17-4PH).

The P220 is a larger version of the P155, with adaptive heating and easy filament change systems.

P220 main features

  • Adaptive heating system (up to 180°C): enables temperature control on and within the part and offers the ability to control material properties at the voxel level.
  • Integrated controlling software on a touch-screen: features print parameter optimization, a maintenance management system, and a process control system.
  • Interchangeable nozzle: enables material changes within 2 minutes.
  • Highly-heated 3D print bed (up to 160°C) and nozzle (up to 540°C): enables the 3D printing of specialty engineering materials (PEEK, PEI, metals, composites, etc.).
  • Easy transportation: with its low noise emission and weight of 65 kg, no additional infrastructure is required.

Apium P220 price

This PEEK 3D printer is available between €25,000 and €40,000. Please contact the manufacturer for more information about the Apium P220.

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