A high temperature industrial 3D printer for manufacturing full-scale, strong, high-performance parts. Combined with ungated access to the world’s most advance materials, including PEEK, PEKK, and ULTEM™, the AON M2+ unlocks additive manufacturing applications.

AON M2+ main features

  • High-temperature, composite-ready printing – Easily print high-performance polymers and carbon fiber composites with dual 500°C+ extruders, a 135°C actively heated, precision-controlled build volume, and 200°C+ build surface.
  • Dual Independent Extruders – Print soluble supports and multi-material parts. Duplication and Mirror modes now available.
  • Heated, vacuum enabled build platform – Speed cycle times or change bed adhesion properties with configurable interchangeable build sheets.
  • Filament Keep Dry System – Keep hygroscopic materials dry with onboard filament dry boxes.

AON3D AON M2+ price

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