CreatBot D600Pro 2 overview

Discover the Leading Large-Format Professional 3D Printer.

The D600 Pro series stands as the world’s premier professional large-scale 3D printer. With six years in the market, it’s been consistently refined based on user feedback. Since its launch, we’ve implemented nearly 30 enhancements, integrating innovative technologies and resolving issues, making it a highly stable 3D printer favored by small to medium-sized businesses.

Introducing the D600 Pro 2 – an evolved version of the D600 Pro, crafted with advanced design principles and robust technical depth. Professionally designed, it boasts unmatched performance without any compromises. It offers a larger print volume, faster speeds, enhanced material compatibility, streamlined operations, and reliable round-the-clock functionality. If you’re seeking a professional 3D printer within the 600mm3 size globally and priced under $15,000, the D600 Pro 2 is the unrivaled choice.

CreatBot D600Pro 2 price

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