GE Additive Arcam EBM Spectra L overview

The Arcam EBM Spectra L is an industrial metal 3D printer produced by GE Additive. GE Additive is a 3D printer manufacturer based in United States.

The Arcam EBM Spectra L was released in 2019 and uses electron beam melting (EBM) technology for metal 3D printing. This industrial 3D printer offers a build volume of ⌀ 350 x 430 mm and can print Titanium and Copper.

The Arcam EBM Spectra L allows for mass production of parts by offering the unique Electron Beam Melting feature to tightly stack parts without compromising on quality.

Arcam EBM Spectra L’s improved melt process results in enhanced surface finish and consistent material properties for thin and bulky geometries.

GE Additive Arcam EBM Spectra L main features

  • Increased productivity
  • Excellent part quality
  • Integrated system architecture, with standardized IoT interface

GE Additive Arcam EBM Spectra L price

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