The Rostock 301 is a delta-type desktop 3D printer made by Geeetech, a Chinese manufacturer. This desktop 3D printer, thanks to its delta construction, features higher printing speeds and enhanced printing accuracy. The Rostock 301, as most 3D printers from Geeetech, comes as a kit to be assembled by the user.

This delta 3D printer also features 3D printing with mixed color capability, thanks to its 3-in-1-out printing hotend. Indeed, the multi-color single-nozzle hotend allows the user to feed three different filaments through custom-made and independent feed-in channels. This aids in reducing 3D printing time and contributes to a more precise overall result.

Other 3D printers by Geeetech include the Prusa I3 pro B and the Delta Rostock mini G2S.

Geeetech Rostock 301 main features

  • High 3D printing speed: thanks to its light and thin mechanical parts (175 grams hotend).
  • Accurate feed rate: for full control over color changes.
  • Open color system: the 3D printer can feature single extruder, a dual extruder or a 3-in-1-out 3D printer, meaning that the possibility of mixing colors is also available.

Geeetech Rostock 301 price

The manufacturer price for the Rostock 301 is $448 (see on Amazon).