LulzBot TAZ Pro overview

The LulzBot TAZ Pro is an industrial-grade desktop 3D printer by LulzBot, a popular open source 3D printer brand from the United States. LulzBot is owned by Aleph Objects.

The TAZ Pro is an upgraded version of the award-winning LulzBot TAZ 6. For a desktop 3D printer, the TAZ Pro offers a large build volume (280 x 280 x 285 mm). It boasts a range of advanced features and is able to print multiple materials.

TAZ Pro vs. TAZ 6

In comparison with the TAZ 6, the Pro version boasts enhanced electronics and new features such as dual extrusion and a large touchscreen. The Pro version also offers a larger build volume.

LulzBot TAZ Pro main features

  • Dual extruder: the dual print heads are vertically independent and enable users to create multi-material 3D prints (including support material).
  • Industrial-grade hotends: this large volume 3D printer boasts hardened-steel E3D Titan Aero hotends, allowing users to print complex, abrasive materials. The nozzles are able to heat up to 290°C.
  • Nozzle wiping and self-leveling bed: there is no need for manual calibration of the print bed. Also, the nozzles are automatically wiped before each print for professional results.

This professional desktop 3D printer boasts a range of other user-friendly features such as a large color touchscreen, filament run-out sensors, and Cura LulzBot Edition (slicer software).

LulzBot TAZ Pro price

The TAZ Pro price is $4,950.

Aleph Objects also manufactures the LulzBot Mini 2. Discover all LulzBot 3D printers and more with our 3D printer comparison engine.