VeraShape VSHAPER MED overview

3D printers formerly sold under the Verashape brand are now sold under the VShaper brand.

The VSHAPER MED is a professional PEEK-ready 3D printer made by Polish manufacturer VeraShape. The VeraShape VSHAPER MED is ideal for medical applications with its antibacterial coatings and interior sterilization by UV light.

Recommended materials for 3D printing with the VSHAPER MED are PEEK, PPSU or PLA, PLLA, ABS, PMMA, PA, PC, PET-G, HIPS, and PVA. The VSHAPER MED is relatively quiet, as it emits only 45 Db or less when 3D printing.

This 3D printer is also available in a smaller version with a build area of 270 x 270 x 200 mm.

VeraShape VSHAPER MED main features

  • High-temperature extruder: the extruder temperature can heat up to 450° C.
  • Heated bed: its temperature can reach up to 150° C.
  • Heated build area: the build area can reach up to 70° C and remain at a constant temperature.
  • HEPA filter: reduces toxic emissions.
  • Optional nozzle sizes: different sizes of 0.2, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2 mm are available.

VeraShape VSHAPER MED price

Contact the manufacturer to obtain a quote for this PEEK 3D printer.