Apis Cor 3D printer overview

The Apis Cor 3D printer is a house 3D printer made by Apis Cor, a manufacturer based in the US. This house 3D printer can be transported to various sites thanks to its compact dimensions (although it weighs 2 tons).

The Apis Cor 3D printer is almost fully automated, though it requires two people to operate it and supply the material. This construction 3D printer requires about 30 minutes of installation.

Finally, thanks to its stabilization system, this house 3D printer can be installed on almost any surface with less than 10 cm of elevation difference. Other house 3D printers require a flat and leveled concrete base.

Apis Cor 3D printer main features

  • Massive build size: this house 3D printer boast a huge build size of 8500 x 1600 x 1500 mm.
  • Cost-economic: the Apis Cor 3D printer cuts down costs up to 40% compared to traditional building techniques.
  • No construction waste: since mixture is supplied in preset doses, the Apis Cor 3D printer doesn’t leave any excess waste.

Apis Cor 3D printer printing price

The cost per square meter of 3D printed wall with this house 3D printer is $27.