EnvisionTEC Perfactory Micro Ortho overview

The EnvisionTEC Perfactory Micro Ortho is a professional desktop 3D printer made by EnvisionTEC, a German manufacturer.

EnvisionTEC’s Perfactory Micro Family are user friendly 3D printers for rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing. Those professional 3D printers use a Direct Light Projection (DLP) technology from Texas Instruments to selectively photocure liquid resin, like in Stereolithography (SLA).

The EnvisionTEC Perfactory Micro Ortho is designed for producing highly accurate dental models for use in producing high quality orthodontic appliances in an office environment. The 3D prints produced with the EnvisionTEC Perfactory Micro Ortho have the following advantages:
>Surface quality optimal for a clear aligner to be produced with no signs of stair stepping.
>High stability over time with great surface finish guaranteeing a perfect snap fit.
>High temperature resistant material which allows no distortion of the model during vacuum forming under heat.