Imprimere AG BIG 3D-Printer 2156 overview

The BIG 3D-Printer 2156 is a house 3D printer made by Imprimere AG, manufacturer based in Switzerland. The massive Imprimere AG BIG 3D-Printer 2156 is able to 3D print single or multi-story houses. It can also 3D print other structures including statues and stairs.

The BIG 3D-Printer 2156 uses concrete to 3D print in combination with the extrusion technology.

Finally, to 3D print a house, the BIG 3D-Printer 2156 3D prints the components separately. The resulting components are then assembled to build and form the house.

Imprimere AG BIG 3D-Printer 2156 main features

  • Massive build size: with 5750 x 6000 x 6250 mm, the BIG 3D-Printer 2156 can 3D print huge concrete parts.
  • Silo and transport system: the BIG 3D-Printer 2156 also comes with its own silo that feeds the 3D printer concrete.
  • 3D scanning (optional): this house 3D printer can be equipped with a 3D scanner upon request.

Imprimere AG BIG 3D-Printer 2156 price

This house 3D printer cost €1,757,000 to make and can be rented by the hour.