Luxexcel VisionEngine overview

The Luxexcel VisionEngine is an industrial inkjet 3D printer produced by Luxexcel. Luxexcel specializes in 3D printed lenses and is based in the Netherlands.

3D printed lenses

The Luxexcel VisionEngine forms part of the Lexexcel VisionPlatform, together with VisionClear materials and bespoke software. This platform is destined for the production of both traditional and smart glasses, being able to 3D print clear, prescription lenses and to integrate technology (waveguides, LCDs of films, …) within them.

Luxexcel Technology

Luxexcel’s technology resembles binder jetting and material jetting; VisionClear material is deposited in tiny droplets onto a bed of acrylic-type material.

Luxexcel VisionEngine price

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