The RED ROCK 3D printer is a desktop SLS 3D printer made by RED ROCK 3D, a manufacturer from Russia.

This 3D printer uses Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printing technology. With SLS, a laser sinters powdered material layer after layer to form an object. Since the object is within a bed of powder, there is no need for support structures. Complex geometries and shapes are therefore attainable.

The RED ROCK SLS 3D printer is compatible with PA12 black (nylon) powder.

RED ROCK 3D printer main features

  • 5-inch touchscreen: for an easier user experience.
  • Micro SD card connectivity: for standalone 3D printing.
  • Heated chamber, feed bed and print bed: for better overall 3D printing quality.
  • Speed: this desktop SLS 3D printer can 3D print up to 20 cm3 per hour.

RED ROCK desktop SLS 3D printer price

Contact the manufacturer for a quote.