The 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 is an industrial PEEK 3D printer made by 3DGence, a manufacturer from Poland.

This industrial 3D printer suits industries requiring strong prototypes or end-use parts. Indeed, the INDUSTRY F340’s various high-temperature extruder modules enable users to 3D print with high-performance materials. These materials include Nylon, Polycarbonate and PEEK, although compatibility depends on the extruder module.

INDUSTRY F340 extruder modules

Four interchangeable dual extruders are available for this professional 3D printer:

  • PRO module: this dual extruder’s nozzles are able to heat up to 265°C. Compatible materials include PLA, ABS, PET and Nylon.
  • HF module: equipped with 0.6 mm nozzles, this module allow users to 3D print large parts faster, from reinforced materials such as PA-CF (Carbon fiber enforced Nylon).
  • HT module: this dual extruder is able to 3D print PC, PC-ABS and PC-ESD thanks to its maximum heating temperature of 340°C.
  • HT max module: with the HT max dual extruder, professional users are able to 3D print with PEEK material. The nozzles can reach up to 500°C.

Hence, the F340 is able to 3D print a wide variety of filaments, from PLA to PEEK, simply by switching printhead modules.

F340 available 3D printing materials

Here is the list of materials the 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 is compatible with:

  • High-performance: PEEK, PEKK
  • Engineering: PA, PC, PC-CF, PA-CF
  • Commodity: ABS, PLA, ASA, PP, TPU

INDUSTRY F340 controlled 3D printing environment

This PEEK 3D printer boasts various features to ensure a controlled 3D printing environment.

  • Air filtration: reduces the emission of odors as well as toxic particles.
  • Heated filament chamber: the material chamber is able to maintain temperatures of up to 70°C. This ensures that the material is kept in optimal conditions, with the right level of humidity.
  • Heated build area and print bed: this 3D printer’s build chamber is able to heat up to 85°C, while the print bed can reach up to 160°C.
  • Smart Material Manager: the 3D printer’s NFC reader recognizes the material that it is 3D printing. Therefore, the F340 is able to adapt its parameters accordingly.

3DGence INDUSTRY F340 price

This industrial PEEK 3D printer is available between $25K and $30K. Please contact the manufacturer directly for more information.

The INDUSTRY F340 is an upgraded version of the IndustryAlso, discover other PEEK 3D printers here.