Leapfrog XceL overview

The XceL is a professional 3D printer made by Leapfrog, a Dutch manufacturer. The Leapfrog XceL boasts an impressive build size of 510 x 520 x 2320 mm.

This 3D printer is available as a single or dual extruder 3D printer. The build volume for the single extruder version is slightly bigger: 538 x 520 x 2320 mm.

Leapfrog XceL main features

  • Smartphone compatibility: a smartphone app allows users to easily control the XceL.
  • Wi-Fi: it is possible to access the 3D printer remotely.
  • Closed frame (heated envelope): the XceL is a closed-frame 3D printer with a heated envelope of up to 80°C.

Leapfrog XceL price

Please contact the manufacturer to obtain a quote for this large volume 3D printer.

Leapfrog also manufactures the Bolt Pro and the Xeed.