ZYYX Labs ZYYX+ overview

The Magicfirm Europe ZYYX+ is a desktop 3D printer made by Magicfirm Europe, a manufacturer from Sweden created in 2013. The Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Magicfirm is a shareholder in Magicfirm Europe.

The Magicfirm Europe ZYYX+ is equipped with smart plate tilt compensation function. This allows the 3D printer to automatically compensate any inclination of the build plate dynamically.

The Magicfirm Europe ZYYX+ monitors the 3D print, if something goes wrong the 3D printer pauses the print automatically. This 3D printer is also capable of detecting if the filament runs out or gets tangled.

The Magicfirm Europe ZYYX+ is equipped with an enclosed chamber to contain any odour. The outgoing air passes through an active carbon filter to remove any fumes.

This 3D printer is compatible with the following 3D filaments: PLA, ABS, Flexible PLA, TPU, Nylon, PET, Laywood, Laybrick or T-glase.