VeraShape VSHAPER GO overview

The VeraShape VSHAPER GO is a professional desktop 3D printer made by VeraShape, a company from Poland. This 3D printer uses extrusion (FFF/FDM) to 3D print PLA.

The VSHAPER GO aims for designers, creators, and enthusiasts as well as companies implementing 3D printing technology.

VSHAPER GO main features

  • Automatic bed levelling: no need for manual calibration.
  • Automatic nozzle cleaning: to easily remove any dirt that may be in the nozzle opening.
  • Closed frame: to protect 3D prints from environmental nuisances and to reduce odors.
  • OLED touchscreen: for a more intuitive user interface.

VeraShape VSHAPER GO price

Please get in touch with Aniwaa to get a quote.

VeraShape also manufactures the VSHAPER PRO. Discover more large volume desktop 3D printers here.